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The Ingram Firm LLC logoWelcome to the blog of The Ingram Firm, LLC. The attorneys in our brother-and-sister legal team have years of experience in providing exceptional legal services in multiple areas of law. Whether your case involves an automobile accident, personal injury, DUI, bankruptcy, or immigration, you can rest assured that Damani and Anika Ingram have the extensive and diverse knowledge and experience that is needed to efficiently cover your case.

With help from an attorney from The Ingram Firm, you are guaranteed the best level of personal and professional service. Our law firm has remained small for a reason; we want to ensure that each case presented to us is handled with the care it deserves. A legal case can be a challenging and traumatic experience to handle, and with help from The Ingram Firm, you do not have to handle it alone.

While our attorneys have a diverse background and focus on certain areas of law, Damani and Anika Ingram both have a passion for law and their clients, which is shown in every aspect of their work. We are determined to obtain all the necessary details of your case so we can be fully prepared to represent you. If you or someone you know is in need of help from a reputable Columbia law firm, contact us for representation today.