The Dangers of Texting While Driving

Texting While DrivingIf you haven’t had a close call with a distracted driver yet, you can count yourself lucky. This latest road hazard is wide-spread and growing daily. Our quest to be eternally connected to one another has resulted in a wave of drivers who are more in tune with their smartphones than with the vehicle they are controlling.


There are a lot of hazards that come with texting while driving, and if you’re unlucky enough to encounter these hazards first-hand, you will quite likely require the services one of the car accident lawyers in Columbia, MD, at The Ingram Firm.


It’s accepted wisdom that texting while driving diminishes driving skills just as much as being impaired. It’s easy to see why. Texting drivers are paying more attention to reading and replying to messages than watching the road. Concentration is spread among multiple tasks — such as hiding the fact they are texting — and reaction times are significantly lowered.


A moment’s lapse in concentration can have long-lasting effects. If you are one of the many drivers who have succumbed to this temptation, we encourage you to think again and give your undivided attention to driving safely.


If you’ve been in a collision that’s the fault of a distracted driver, keep in mind that accident lawyers in Columbia, MD, are willing to take your case and help you in your quest for justice and fair compensation.